Consulting and Entrepreneurship Initiatives at Boston University

Elevate is a student consulting group that was founded by Alpha Kappa Psi at Boston University in 2013. The group provides consulting services for academic programs and entrepreneurship initiatives.

We have 4 critical advantages:

1. All projects are student initiatives; therefore, students have a direct voice and impact on how they can enrich student life at Boston University.

2. When a student's idea aligns with Elevate's mission statement, he or she has the option to build a team, where the team will oversee their project through maintaining engagement with clients.

3. Elevate has very minimal hierarchy — the Director manages Elevate overall, however project managers may build their own team and work with clients at their own discretion, while maintaining the image and work ethic of Elevate.

4. Elevate is an opportunity for students to grow. While participating in Elevate, students will constantly be challenged and will develop skills in areas such as entrepreneurship, negotiation, sales pitches, problem solving, communication, account management, and consulting.

We are currently seeking to develop additional relationships where Elevate can add value. We welcome you to reach out to us at elevatebu@gmail.com to found out more about how we can help implement your ideas.

Mission Statement

"Elevate seeks to enhance student and community life by implementing enrichment plans for Boston University academic departments and programs."

Past Projects

These are self-implemented projects, which members of the Elevate team initiated upon seeing a need within the Boston University Community:

Shark Tank - To create a specific program for Entrepreneurs in the Questrom School of Business to launch their business ideas.

Thanksgiving Homestay - To provide BU undergraduates, who are unable to travel home during the holiday, with an opportunity to experience this festive American tradition with host families from New England and the surrounding areas.