Past Clients

Nu Chapter Consulting Group

Poly6 Spring 2016

Poly6 is combating environmental destruction by introducing high performance sustainable materials to society. As the performance of new sustainable materials improves, sustainable materials will see increased adoption, and Poly6 is strategically poised to enter the materials industry with its high performance citrus-derived bioplastic product Citrene™.

Spotlight Parking Spring 2016

SpotLight Parking is a platform that enables national parking operators to put their valets and premium parking spots on-demand so that drivers can reserve them through the SpotLight Parking mobile application. SpotLight is breaking into the $25 Billion smart parking industry by first offering a premium parking service to drivers that allows them to reserve valet parking and premium garage parking in advance.

Bedly Fall 2015

Bedly is transforming the way people live by providing renters with a housing experience built for the 21st century. Bedly offers the simplicity and flexibility that helps empower people to live on their own terms. By streamlining everything from the apartment search to the living experience Bedly is providing on-demand housing that saves people time and effort so they can focus on what they do best.

DoDoc Fall 2015

DoDoc is a full document creation and management platform to help generate reports more quickly and cost-effectively. The tool helps businesses maintain workflow capabilities by keeping historical records and allows multiple editors to access documents together. With Microsoft and Google integration, businesses can update all reports with ease.

FuelDrop Fall 2015

FuelDrop is an up and coming start-up that formed out of MIT in the greater Boston area. They are a new kind of fuel delivery service, that is going to revolutionize the current archaic method of getting gas for our cars. With their soon-to-be available app, you will be able to order gasoline for your car at the touch of a button on demand. With fueldrop, you won't ever have to worry about running low on gas again.

Bookity (formerly name EdTrips) Spring 2015

Bookity is an online platform designed to allow activity providers, including museums and historic sites, accept group reservations in an efficient, affordable and digital way. EdTrips automates the entire process, removing any room for error and making it easy for workers to collaborate and for businesses to collect payments securely.

VerbalCare Spring 2015

VerbalCare is a platform that keeps patients and their care-teams connected, regardless of language or physical abilities. The tablet-based tool allows patients to stay engaged with their care, thus improving their safety and satisfaction. VerbalCare helps nurses and administrators as well by identifying trends in patient needs and increasing coordination among workers.

Neurala Spring 2015

Neurala is a software company built on making today's technology smarter. The patent-pending Neurala Intelligence Engine allows robots to mimic the way the human brain works. The company's bio-inspired approach differs from traditional approaches in that robots now continuously observe and adapt to their environment without any human intervention.

GestSure Spring 2015

Gesture is a company that creates gesture-based, touchless interfaces for surgeons and interventional radiologists. The platform uses advanced sensors to allow users to do anything they would with a traditional mouse. In addition, their advanced technology is as easy as plugging in a standard USB input device, requiring minimal hospital IT support and no special software.

SpeedETab Fall 2014

SpeedETab is a mobile application that integrates with Apply Pay and Touch ID to allow users to order and pay for drinks at the bar from the convenience of their smart phones. SpeedETab also allows users to discover real-time specials, venue announcements, and events, order drinks from their phones, and be notified of when an order is ready for pick-up.

YOU Technology Fall 2014

YOU Technology is the largest digital coupon network provider in the United States and reaches more than 10 million households shopping at over 10,000 retail stores nationwide. YOU Technology's digital coupon platform integrates with retailer point-of-sale systems to deliver digital coupons and other incentives electronically without the need to print or clip paper coupons.

InRFood Fall 2014

InRFood is a personalized nutrition platform that alerts, assesses and advises users on the nutrients they consume vs. what they are lacking, by primarily analyzing the ingredients in food and providing real time feedback and analysis through personalized notifications and a google analytics inspired graphical dashboard.

Care Academy (formerly named SitterCycle) Spring 2014

Care Academy is a professional development resource designed for caregivers and nannies. By providing individualized support, Care Academy is recognized as the premier online destination for nannies and caregivers to learn important skills, obtain certification, develop tools to help build lasting working relationships, and find a welcoming and responsive community.

Burstworks Spring 2014

Burstworks is a platform set out to leverage deep data insights to drive the design, creation, distribution, and monetization of a portfolio of web products. By understanding, with depth, the behaviors and intents of internet users, Burstworks is able to innovate in product spaces that have otherwise stayed stagnant.

ViralGains Spring 2014

ViralGains is building the first global exchange for viral video. Since 2012, ViralGains has been on a mission to create authentic relationships between advertisers and customers through online video. ViralGains works with ad agencies, brands, and YouTube stars to get their videos watched and shared by the right audiences. Praxis, ViralGains' video ad platform, integrates targeting by thousands of human attributes, ad placements on native and social environments, and real time reporting capability to generate positive returns on marketing investment.

SpaceSplitter Spring 2013

SpaceSplitter is a New York-based startup that offers roommates services for bill splitting, chore splitting, and contract creation. In each of their offered services, they act as a mediator between multiple roommates. NCCG advised the client by using a market evaluation and by analyzing their advertising data in order to increase the rate at which inquiries became customers. The team devised a strategy using Google AdWords in addition to other tools to research and analyze customer trends.

Home Works Energy Spring 2013

HomeWorks Energy is a small business that focuses on auditing home energy use in order to improve efficiency and save their customers money. The client approached NCCG about issues generating revenue from existing and potential customers. NCCG was able to remedy this problem by providing the client with an actionable, profit-generating plan that included implementing a more effective sales strategy and improved payment system. The team focused on the services and products HomeWorks Energy could deliver to offer a differentiated value proposition using its existing resources.

Academic Room Fall 2013

Academic Room is an educational technology startup that serves as an online marketplace allowing academic experts to share personal resources such as articles and papers. After spending some time in the industry, the client was considering entering a new market and launching a new service while only using their current resources. NCCG helped them determine their ideal target market and its respective marketing strategies in order to maximize profits.

Who's That Fall 2013

Who's That is an interactive mobile application that targets college students looking to meet up with other college students. NCCG advised the recently launched application how to market themselves on college campuses in a cost-effective manner. Additionally, the team devised a monetization strategy for the client that utilized mobile advertisements.

Everest Fall 2012

Everest is an interactive mobile application that aims to help users live out life dreams and achieve personal goals by connecting them with \"heroes\" who help make users' dreams a reality. In order to help expand partnerships between the client and "heroes," NCCG created a formula that resulted in a win-win situation for each party. This allowed Everest to effectively enact a plan that allowed "heroes" to interact with users both in-app and offline.